Alan Watts on Meditation

The great Western mystic and teacher Alan Watts on meditation. If you’ve ever struggled to control your own mind, this will resonate deeply with you. Even if you’re unsure of the content, just listen to the soulful voice!

How Identification Limits Your Potential

Maybe you were a fantastic football player or ballerina in high school. Maybe you were just good at reading comics all day or passing sarcastic comments every time the cheerleading squad walked by. Whatever your talents, they’ve obviously served you

Freefall – Underwater Base Jumping

Watch the incredible Guillaume Nery as he ‘base jumps’ Dean’s Blue Hole on one breath. Videos like this show you the extent of human potential, and how completely ethereal the ocean can be.

5 Tips for Starting Your New Job Like a Boss

Starting a new job ranks right up there with moving house and having children as the one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. You have little or no idea of the politics you’re going to encounter,

Monty Roberts Horse Whispering

Watch the incredible Monty Roberts as he ‘joins up’ with a horse called Corona via his language of ‘Equus’. Roberts first chases the horse away, and then engenders trust, and finally, saddles and rides Corona. A wonderful example of human-animal

The True Purpose of Yoga – Exploring the True Potential of Being Human

This wonderful Sadhguru video explores the fluidity of what it means to be human. In other words, human beings are pure potential and uncovering this potential is what the true purpose of yoga is all about. Check this out.

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