Man is defined as a human being and woman as female: the feminist philosophy of Simone De Beauvoir

As far as we have come in seeing people for who they are regardless of their gender, we are still bound by social norms and expectations whether we realise it or not. The modern French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir was

How strong is your mind?

This fun video helps you assess the strength of your mind by using John Ridley’s Stroop Test, which is based on your brain’s ability to quickly and efficiently re-categorize information. The strength of your mind then gets graded on the

3 Ways to Recharge When You’re Feeling Exhausted

Feeling like a sleep-walking zombie lately? Sometimes you get so tired, being your typically alert and energetic self feels like a distant memory. You feel so depleted that it feels impossible to ever catch up on the rest you need.

How Good Is Your Eyesight?

Our eyes can sometimes play tricks on us… Who do you see? Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? Have you had your eyes tested lately? Here is a quick and fun illusionary eye test offered to us by ASAPscience.

The Best of Barishnikov

At a time when – thanks to reality television – everyone considers themselves a dancer, take a look at one of the greatest male ballet dancers of all time – Mikhail Barishnikov. The grace and fluidity of movement is breath-taking,

Why Your Personal Revolution Should Not Be Televised

So you’ve taken the plunge, joined a yoga class, started meditating, had a life-changing or near-death experience, whatever.  The sum total is that you are beginning to realize that you are inseparable from the current of energy that defines our

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