Sadhguru – Live in reality

In this wonderful Sadhguru video the guru speaks about the importance of living in reality. In order to master spiritual reality, we have to master our physical reality. The deeper our understanding of the reality of where we live, the

Aphorisms for a Rainy Day

So what exactly is an aphorism? It’s usually a short statement which can contain generalized, but often quite powerful wisdom. These pithy statements are packed with potent truth and can come from an array of sources and authors. Here is

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

In this powerful Tedtalk, Simon Sinek talks about how great leaders inspire action amongst those that follow them. Why do some people manage to achieve major success while others don’t? All the great and inspiring leaders of the world all

10 AMAZING Creatures Created by Science

This video chronicles ten amazing creatures created by science! We all know mother nature has created some fascinating animals, but in recent years, scientists have created some of their own – with incredible benefits to human beings. Fascinating stuff!

Oh! The Places You’ll Go! by the incomparable Dr. Seuss

Most of you have probably already read this one, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! This poem so majestically and simply captures what life is all about. Give it read and savoir in its delightfulness and wisdom.

Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

Are you the first born and feel your siblings had it easy? Or are you the middle child and feeling cast aside? There has been a lot of research done into whether birth order affects your personality. This interesting video

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